“MOTORCYCLUS” Portrait Series

Plaid Peacock is this place here in Waterloo that sells neat arts and gifts, including my goofy book of scary stories, and this Saturday they’re hosting a reading/signing event for the aforementioned book. It’s gonna be spookdacious.

We decided to have prizes for people who come in costume as characters from the book, and it fell to me to figure out what those prizes should be. Luckily my friend Heidi came up with a great idea.


Just pieces of wood! I love painting on wood! They’re “stained” with gray acrylic so they look appropriately creepy, and the portraits are of different characters from the book. Here, let me show you. (You can click on these to see bigger versions, but maybe I’d rather you didn’t…)

Do you hear something?

“Hannah Jacks, Ghost Psychologist”


Daniel (a vampire), from “Love Bytes”

"HONK! HONK!" it cried

“The Black Swan”

He wasn't always like this

Rudolph Capoté

rectangular pupils


"But I'm not a normal person!"

“Jessica’s Big Decision”

Some kinda skellingtonman?

I have no idea who this is.

Now the question is: Ryan what will you do if more than seven people show up in costume? and the answer is, I do not know.

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