Westerado: a Roguelikesque Spaghetti Western

I haven’t played all of the games in adultswim.com’s online catalogue, but for the most part they seem rather slight. Burrito Bison Revenge is the best “launch-an-object-as-far-as-you-can” game I’ve ever played, but it’s still a launch-an-object-as-far-as-you-can game. It’s an arcade game.

Westerado is not an arcade game. Westerado, created by the Dutch studio Ostrich Banditos, is an open-world Western that you play in a browser—and I’d say it beats quite a few console and PC open-world games for depth, immersion, and freedom.

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Another Doll

this is the last thing you will see before being eaten by a lampA new project has been added to the Felt Dolls page or whatever it’s called. “Plush Toys”. Whatever.

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