Squid vs. Whale – “Simultas Durabit”

whale squid window 005-1A titanic brawl in the depths of the sea! This installation of mine will be on display at the Plaid Peacock in Waterloo, IA throughout the month of June.  The photo above appears courtesy of my dad, and there are numerous additional images on Facebook.  

An “about the art” statement I composed for the work is reproduced below:

The struggle between a sperm whale and a giant squid is an extremely compelling concept. In real life, the whale always eats the squid (or the squid runs away), but in our imagination the two are true nemeses, evenly matched. They’ll be fighting down there, at the bottom of the world, until forever.

This piece is called Simultas Durabit. It’s made out of fleece and satin wrapped around cardboard, rubber tubes, Polyfil; stuff like that. The squid is named Hine and the whale is Molly.

From the picture above it’s hard to tell how ridiculously huge the pieces are. The whale, by which I mean Molly, is about seven feet long. The squid is something like fifteen feet long if you stretch out the tentacles. These ladies are figurative and literal beasts.

If you enjoy looking at these monsters, I hope you’ll let me know!

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