I don’t even know where to start!

When Captain Verdeterre’s Plunder took fourth place in IF Comp 2013, I was lucky enough to pick the prize I had been eyeing for the duration of the judging period: a translation of the game into French, donated by Hugo Labrande.

Well, just in time for my birthday, Hugo has finished the translation, and now Le butin du Capitaine Verdeterre is available for your francophone enjoyment! I’m freaking out over here!

At my request, Hugo also translated all of my comments in the source code, and included comments in English on the translation: There are puns that don’t make any sense in French, puns that make more sense in French, all kinds of stuff. In the first section there’s a long series of words I wrote (in English) about my decision not to fix a bunch of bugs. You should be checking it out right now.

Thank you so much, Hugo!!!