Halloween is my favorite dang thing, and I try to make the most of it. There is not enough October in a year for all the spooky stuff I want to accomplish. But, with a view toward enhancing your Halloween experience, I would like to promote here some of the Weeny things I’ve produced for your enjoyment. Pretty scary, boys and girls!

Halloween Zeen 2016

This year I edited/compiled/organized a zine, or “zeen,” of spooky art and writing called the HALLOWEEN ZEEN. It is a free PDF that you can read on your device or print out and staple together or print in huge quantities to pass around to your many friends. There is no legal language prohibiting or permitting the reproduction or distribution of the Halloween Zeen—not even a very easy to understand Creative Commons license. This is because I forgot to worry about that part.

I blushingly admit that I assembled some really great contributors, and they produced a fantastic Zeen, and I hope to do this again next year!

The Horrible Pyramid

I wrote this game in 2013. It was later reprinted by Sub-Q and you can play it at their website. Is it spooky? Yes. The stuff going on in this pyramid is quite spooky indeed, although hopefully not truly horrifying. I would say that the goofy/spooky split is like 75/25. Maybe.

Mine is not the only IF horror story up at Sub-Q! Check out some others!

Dial C for Cupcakes

The idea of this game is, there are these two ex-cops, and one of them feels entitled to some cupcakes, so he asks the other ex-cop to sneak into a costume party and get the cupcakes. It’s more “Halloween-themed” than “spooky,” and definitely not “scary.” Maybe “thrilling,” though. Could be!

This text adventure has been described as “a sequel to Taco Fiction” but I think that’s putting it a little strongly. It’s more like “a game about some of the people from Taco Fiction that takes place after Taco Fiction.” I’m trying to tell you that you don’t have to play Taco Fiction first. You can play Dial C for Cupcakes right now if you want.

An Evening at the Ransom Woodingdean Museum House

This one is actually pretty dang spooky! A hostess at a restored Victorian museum house has to lock up for the night, but then some stuff happens. Play the game and find out!

“MOTORCYCLUS” and Other Extremely Scary Stories

This is my book of scary stories from 2012! This book is scarier than any other book in the English language. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. “MOTORCYCLUS” is scarier than even Cujo, The Big Mean Dog by Steven King.

It’s also the only thing on this list that is not free. You can get a PDF and EPUB together on Gumroad for $5 or buy the paper book for $15 plus whatever on Amazon.

The Uncertain Future

There’s some time left in October, and if I can manage it I’d like to get another spooky text adventure game released before the big 31 rolls around. My text adventures are all 100% free, unless there’s something I’m forgetting, but if you want to support them monetarily you can pledge to my Patreon. I’d really appreciate it, and you’d get access to my secret game development Twitter feed, not to mention other rewards explicated at the aforelinked URL!

Whatever you pledge, you only get charged at the end of a month in which I actually release a game. So you don’t have to worry about your bank account slowly depleting while I work on other projects. For example, if you pledge $10, and I don’t manage to write a Halloween game before the end of October, the amount of money you pay to me at the end of October is: zero dollars.

But if I do write a game this month? You’d better watch out.