Curse of Strahd Roll20 Tokens

This post is not interesting. Do not read this.

When I DMed Curse of Strahd for my friends via Roll20, I made tokens for the PCs and many NPCs by editing Fire Emblem sprites—from the GBA era, the golden age of Fire Emblem graphics.

After Curse of Strahd ended, I ran a few one-shot “appendix” adventures to tie up loose plot threads. Because these adventures involved Curse of Strahd characters, I reused their sprites, but then I had to make new Fire Emblem edits for any new characters that showed up.

This was a lot of fun and I think I got kind of good at it! (That being said, a few of my “edits” involved messing around with hue/saturation and nothing else.) But now my Curse of Strahd campaign is over, and I think when I get around to DMing something else, I will take a different approach to Roll20 tokens. Thus, what follows is probably an exhaustive inventory of my Fire Emblem edits.

The Original PCs: The Fallcrest Police Department’s Undead Control Task Force

Alan Smith, halfling ranger, -1 to Nature checks

Flint Dourhand, dwarf rogue, kind of a Grant Danasty type

Lara Duane, human warlock, low-key evil but still basically evil

Sonia Kholm, tiefling paladin of the Raven Queen, had her work cut out for her

Other PCs: These NPCs Ended Up Joining The Party For Various Reasons

Ezmerelda d’Avenir, human monster hunter, overpowered

Ireena Kolyana, human barbarian, plenty of reasons to be angry

Ismark Kolyanovich, human fighter, obsessed with saving his sister

Kasimir Velikov, dusk elf wizard, ditto on the sister thing

Muriel Vinshaw, human wereraven druid, extremely overpowered, did not stick around long

Regular NPCs: Several Of These Guys Ended Up Dying

The Abbot, a crazy person, true nature not revealed until post-campaign

Vasilka, sexy flesh golem, the Abbot’s pet project and eventual replacement

Baba Lysaga, infamous witch, brought low by Muriel Vinshaw and certain people not reading the rules text of certain spells carefully enough

An evil Yester Hill druid, did not get a name

Neferon, a mysterious wizard with pink sunglasses

Reddick, duergar cleric of [redacted], a Fallcrest Police Department employee who was in Barovia for some reason

Doomed Heroes: These PCs were in a one-shot of Castle Ravenloft that I ran as a dry run/death trap

Bollaka, kobold monk, one of my better sprite edits

Morgan Ghoulscourge, human cleric, not big into undead

Rathbone, tiefling fighter, thought Strahd might be his pappy

Thelloth, human paladin, that’s supposed to be a morningstar I think

Zechariah Grey, human sorcerer, positive attitude, ended up as dead as everyone else in the party

Denizens of Castle Ravenloft

Rahadin, dusk elf murderer, Strahd’s gofer

Patrina Velikovna, dusk elf wizard, interred in Ravenloft catacombs, brought back to life by her brother

Strahd’s Animated Armor, this isn’t even a sprite edit

Any of several Barovian witches, this might not be edited either

Helga Ruvak, turned out to be a vampire spawn

Bollaka, vampire spawn

Morgan, vampire spawn, also had his tongue cut out

Zechariah, vampire spawn, robe is filthy

Thelloth, vampire spawn

Wrathbone, tiefling skeleton, turns out Strahd was not his pappy

Anastasya Karelova, vampire spawn, consort of Strahd

Escher, vampire spawn, consort of Strahd

Ludmilla Vilisevic, vampire spawn, consort of Strahd

Volenta Popofsky, vampire spawn, consort of Strahd

Some vampire guy

Lembetëngwe’s Mansion: I Can’t Explain What Was Going On Here

The ghost of Rahadin’s body

The ghost of a dragonborn monk

Lembetëngwe, eladrin billionaire

Ololamin Montgothsbeard, halfling wizard, incredibly old

The ghost of Rahadin’s head

Roger Warren Millaw, aaracokra bard, ghost rights activist

The Third Rock: Martikovs Go Looking For That Other Gem

Adrian Martikov, human fighter I think, no nonsense

Bruin Martikov, human shadow sorcerer, kind of intense

Squawks, warforged eldritch knight, SeQUrity Automaton With Killer Spells

A generic werewolf

Emil Toranescu, fiendish werewolf

Zuleika Toranescu, other fiendish werewolf

Agents of IPSO: PCs sent to investigate Starhaunt Observatory

Hanuman, human monk, once destroyed an Elder Brain

Squawks, warforged eldritch knight, upgraded with wings and a fire hose, same sprite though

Thelma Gladhill, halfling paladin/barbarian, has led an interesting life

Alan Smith, now level 15, a total boss

Disturbed Astronomers: NPCs of Starhaunt Observatory

Ivansk, tiefling warlock, insane astronomer

Mannig, dwarf warlock, insane astronomer

Tenga, goblin warlock, insane astronomer

Niellúnë, eladrin wizard, near-insane astronomer

That’s all!