Halloween Zeen 2017

BEWARE: The new Halloween Zeen is out!

A lot of really cool people contributed a lot of really cool stuff to this year’s Zeen. Plus there is a board game that I didn’t do a very good job of designing. BUT THE OTHER STUFF IS RAD. CHECK IT OUT.

What have you been up to, Ryan?



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My Wii Fit Trainer amiibo mod

Addendum, 3 September 2015: I did this project with a Wii Fit Trainer from the first amiibo run. I am led to understand that the reprints are better-constructed, and in particular the foot and the cast are glued much more securely to the stand. People who have executed this mod with the reprints have had to “club it straight off and mighty glue it,” albeit with gorgeous results. It’s still very much possible to execute this mod with your newer WFT amiibo, but you probably won’t have as easy a time as I did.
conceptThis is what the Wii Fit Trainer amiibo was supposed to look like.

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The Field Guide to Nachos

MictecacihuatlI painted this young lady for Mr. Derek Sotak of nachonomics.com and the Kickstarter for his Field Guide to Nachos. That Kickstarter is over. I know, right? I should have said something about it earlier. But pretty soon, I’m sure, you’ll be able to buy that book at that website, and read all about why nachos exist—and which nachos pose the greatest threats to your health and sanity.


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Instead of adding it to the increasingly difficult to navigate Plush Toys page, I’ll just let you know right here about this felt cockatrice I made. It’s built on the same “skeleton” as that California Condor, but it’s quite a bit smaller, and it has a pointed tail. Hopefully I’ll get some better photos together in the near future.


Yeah these pictures are not doing it justice at all.

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California Condor Plush


I finished a new doll! It is a California Condor, Gymnogyps californianus. There are more pictures at the bottom of the good old plush toys page.

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