If you love Halloween, then, first of all, congratulations on holding a correct opinion; secondly, I have some PDFs you're gonna want to check out.

The Halloween Zeen is a zine (or "zeen") with Halloween-oriented art and writing by people from at least three different countries. Some of it is scary. Some of it is funny. Most of it involves ghosts. All of it is spooky. It is totally free, and you are permitted and encouraged to reproduce it wherever and however you want.

Who created the Halloween Zeen?

The Zeen was organized, edited, and designed by Ryan Veeder. He made some of the stuff in the Zeen too.

Most of the stuff in the Zeen was created by other people: Philadelphia Hanson-Viney, Hamish McIntyre, Sean Veeder, Harrison Gerard, Neale Barnholden, Ashley Cardamone, Ben Nerison, Grant Veeder, Derek Sotak, Caitlyn Harris Bardle, Caitlyn's sister, Richard Bardle, Zach Hodgens, Emily Boegheim, Caleb Wilson, Nathaniel Edwards, Chandler Groover, and possibly Jenni Polodna. The full credits are in the back of the PDF.

None of the contributors (including the editor) are being compensated in any way except by hearing from you about how much you enjoyed their Zeen. Show your love!

What can I do with the Halloween Zeen?

You can download it and read it. You can share it with your friends on social media.

You can go to the print shop of your choice and get a physical copy. You could share that with your friends, or you could hide it under Highlights in your dentist's waiting room.

You can also go to the print shop of your choice and get a bunch of copies printed and then leave a stack of them at your favorite deli, the way zines were meant to be distributed. I realize that this option involves you paying a bunch of money to the print shop of your choice, but assuming you have the dollars to spare, it is probably the best thing you can do. From my perspective.

Can I get just a high-res PDF of Caitlyn's headless horseman puppet?

Yes. You should print it out on cardstock obviously.

What about Caitlyn's colorable masks?